2 Fish

Central Denmark EU Office (DK) -coordinator-
Fiskeriskolen EUC Nordvest (DK)
Confraría de Pescadores de Lira (ES)
Fundación Lonxanet (ES)
AquaTT (IE)
Nordkapp maritime fagskole og videregående skole (NO)


2Fish: Inclusion of secondary service professions within fishery to the formal VET system is a project devoted to training in the fishing and aquaculture sector, approved and funded by the European Union.

The education and training undertaken by the professional fishing schools is mainly focussed on the teaching and training of fishermen, as well as favouring the building of competences beyond the formal training. Nevertheless, the fishing industry’s demand for professional staff remains unfulfilled due to the lack of specific training. Thus, this sector requires, among other professional posts, salespeople, auctioneers for the fish markets, aquaculture specialists, financial consultants and managers and the so called redeiros (people who repair the nets).

2Fish aims to develop between five and eight innovative training modules for services related to fishing and implemented in sixty-hour courses in close collaboration with the businesses. So, the project unifies the training to facilitate worker mobility and to enhance equal opportunities among this sector’s professionals at European level.

The implementation period of this initiative spans from November 2011 to March 2014.

Additional documentation
2FISH leaflet (ES-EN)