Inventory of the Maritime and Fishing Heritage in the area of Muros, Lira, Pindo, Fisterra and Laxe

With the project Posta en valor do patrimonio pesqueiro na Costa da Morte (Placing a value on the Costa da Morte fishing heritage), the Mar da Fin da Terra fishermen’s association promoted an inventory on the tangible and intangible maritime and fishing cultural heritage in the geographical area where the member fishermen’s associations operate. In this way, the specific goals were accomplished: creating materials for tourists and generating a database on the tangible and intangible fishing heritage of the fishermen’s associations promoting the project, specifically those of Muros, lira, O Pindo, Fisterra and Laxe. Fundación Lonxanet supplied the technical assistance for this purpose in 2008, highlighting the participation of the historian Dionisio Pereira.

Assuming that an inventory is the main tool to administer and manage any heritage resource, then it is also necessary to implement different kinds of activities addressing the presentation and preservation of the cultural, environmental and natural heritage of a specific area or region. In this sense, this project includes buildings, any kind of object and any other manifestation of heritage, tangible or intangible, into the scope of the Mar da Fin da Terra member fishermen’s associations. It is important to mention that only when the said heritage assets are properly identified and classified, can systematic programmes aiming to protect them and publish them be implemented through the use of different formats but always related to the targeted goals.