Strengthening of the management body in “Os Miñarzos” marine reserve

Fundación Lonxanet is, in addition, training the fishermen involved in management bodies in the performance of their duties.  Thanks to this, the leaders –managers– of fishery organisations acquire negotiation skills. It should be stressed that these management bodies, which also include public administration representatives, have become the vehicle and the way of life that ensure the participatory methodologies that the foundation supports possible.

FLPS’ mission is to empower fishing communities at a global level in order to ensure that they are active agents in their own development.  Fishermen’s training, aimed at their integration into the management bodies, is exactly what fosters their participation and inclusion in the social, cultural and environmental context in which they live. In this way, the foundation’s participative methodology is vindicated in order to develop environmental answers to protect marine resources and ensure the sustainability of fishing.