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Network restorers and restaurants marine conservation, Restauramar, is an initiative of Lonxanet Foundation for Sustainable Fisheries financed by the European Social Fund through the program empleaverde Biodiversity Foundation and included in our strategic plan as a way forward to generate partnerships between actors in the marketing of products from the sea sector.

Restauramar (www.restauramar.orgborns with strength and future prospects, with the conviction that a new business model is possible if the members, present and future, of this Network advocate, through his acting ,sea and more sustainable world.

This project begins ( the planned implementation covers a period of eight months between June 2014 and January 2015), we intend to involve restaurateurs Extremadura and Galicia with other professionals in the acquisition, distribution and consumption of products from a sustainable fisheries. Thus, we seek to strengthen green jobs in the regions of Galicia and Extremadura. Thus, one of the actions of this initiative is precisely the strengthening of the Network of restaurateurs launching the Ecopez project. In this sense, Restauramar aims to provide its members and the general public in a professional network of reference:

  • Encourages commitment to sustainability and the need to protect fishery resources.
  • Allows build a new business model that provides transparency and value to resources from artisanal fisheries.
  • Facilitates access to information resources and sharing of knowledge and best practices among member.
  • Makes visible the efforts and commitments of the members of the network.


With defined objectives and defended in the Code of Ethics of Sustainable Fisheries, is presented as the platform that brings together all those restaurateurs, restaurants and even distributors committed to the future of marine resources and the environment itself . With traceability, transparency, fair trade and defense of the common good flag, members Restauramar ensure respect for closed seasons and seasonality of species prioritize products from artisanal fisheries and report consumers about the origin and method of capturing what they have on the plate.

This site goes beyond a directory, provides totally free resources and co-financed by the European Social Fund for those interested in sustainable fisheries and responsible consumption, such as videos showing the different gears or the role of agents integrating channel marketing of fishery products, and distance training courses, conferences and calls for contact form to receive advice related to project objectives. Brochures, a diagnosis of the current situation of artisanal fisheries and even a Sustainable Fishing Guide, which includes both the legal age of capturing numerous species as optimal for the same months are some of the documents that the user can download . All this in order to seafood sustainability , the world and the species and the fishing profession, possible.