Strengthening of “Os Miñarzos” marine reserve of fishing interest

This Co-managed Marine Protected Area of Fishing Interest is located in the seas adjacent to the fishing community of Lira. Fundación Lonxanet carried out, through its own methodology (participation and co-management) a design and creation process for a new Co-managed MPAFI with the Lira Fishermen’s association and other neighbouring communities. Through Decree 87/2007, 12 April, the Galician Government created this MPA, whose managing body is equally constituted by fishermen and the public administration, a real example of co-management, which is a reference at the global level. The project was carried out with Fundación Lonxanet funding.

Beforehand, in 2008, Fundación Lonxanet implemented a social and biological monitoring programme in “Os Miñarzos” Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest. WWF Adena supported this initiative.

The foundation continues to accompany both the fishermen and also the technical and management staff in this co-managed MRFI. This project includes training and capability-building skills for the technical managers in aspects related to good MRFI management and functioning; for example: monitoring and scientific surveillance, and networking promotion among the different co-managed MRFI.

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