Strengthening of the “Ría de Cedeira” marine reserve of fishing interest

This Co-managed Marine Protected Area of Fishing Interest is located in the seas adjacent to the Cedeira fishing community. In 2006 Fundación Lonxanet designed, through participative methodologies, the creation process of the Co-managed Marine Protected Area of Fishing Interest, using our experience and knowledge acquired in creating “Os Miñarzos” Co-managed MPAFI. In that project the foundation counted on the non-economic support of the Universidade da Coruña and the Cedeira fishermen’s association.

When the area was created, the foundation and the fishing sector agreed to widen the reserve to waters outside of the reserve. From this idea a new project arose to design and create a co-managed MPAFI including waters inside and outside of the reserve, up to a range of twelve miles (the future Mar de Ortegal co-managed MPAFI).

Today, the foundation continues to accompany both the fishermen and also the technical and management staff in this co-managed MRFI. We are working to reinforce the role of fishermen as representatives of the management body, in training and capability building for the technical managers in aspects related to good MRFI management and functioning; for example: monitoring and scientific surveillance and networking promotion among the different co-managed MRFI.