Testimonies from the Lira Fishermen`s association

Those who best know the reality of a place are precisely those who move therein, those who travel through every nook and cranny to discover where the resources are. They are aware of the need to set certain limits that guarantee the future, which is why they daily defend the importance of the creation and establishment of reserves and protected areas. Josefa Fernández and José Antonio Insua are members of the Lira Fishermen’s Association and are fully aware that “our sea must not be depleted”. They, like their colleagues, opt for selective fishing practices, having little impact on the marine environment and guaranteeing the trade in fresh fish. They are sure that poachers would not exist if they did not have someone to sell their catches to and they are totally convinced that “fishermen should manage the resources” precisely because, without a doubt, they are the ones who know them best. More