Fundación Lonxanet funds its projects through public subsidies and via collaboration agreements with private entities. It has an international scope, specialising in coastal communities in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Principles of the Ethical Code

Fundación Lonxanet is working with a view to becoming a facilitator of change towards a fairer society. The foundation includes in its principles and values both the fisheries sector and the public administration as well as society, and works on pillars indissociable from one another such as the environment, society, economy and participation.

-Sustainability and long-term vision. Create the conditions to change fishermen’s attitude from predator to co-manager of marine resources and raise the public’s awareness on the need to adopt co-responsible behaviours that favour sustainable development.

-Empathy and active participation. Promote the collaboration between fishermen and their incorporation into the social life and the dynamics of development. Urge the Government to facilitate the implementation of participatory development processes and systems.

-The inclusion into the local community of role of the fisherman. Foment seafarers’ participation in decision-making processes related to the protection of the ecosystems in which they work.

Transparency policy and accountablity

One of Fundación Lonxanet’s distinguishing features is the use of participatory methodologies in all of the projects it is involved in. Participation and transparency are two methodological pillars that bring about the involvement of the social stakeholders in the different initiatives. Along this line, we would like to emphasise the coherence between our founding objectives and the application of these in all our initiatives, prioritising the human and social factor as a driver of results and as a guarantor of consolidation of social change.

The projects account for up to 10% of structural costs, a percentage that we have the firm intention of not exceeding. In addition, the foundation has undertaken voluntary financial audits since 2008, registering the annual accounts in the Galician Government’s Registro de Fundaciones de Interés Gallego. All of the audits are available to the public on our website, as well as the financial and project reports.

Indicators of success

The efficient implementation of Fundación Lonxanet’s institutional strategy is subject to the integration, on the operative level, of the following criteria:

-The adoption of the principle of flexibility, with the aim of ensuring continuity and coherence of action, without losing agility in the development of new responses that meet the needs of the entity’s future situations and which are necessary to accelerate the fulfilment of its mission.

-The implementation of an organisational structure suitable for the foundation’s reality and the projects it undertakes.

-The reinforcement of its own financial base which counts on private investors as well as public subsidies, in accordance with the entity’s principles and guarantor of independent decision making.

-Cross-cutting actions, which enable the creation of bridges between different projects as a means to amplify an initiative’s positive effects on another’s and thus, maximise the foundation’s resources.